NAS 101 network unreachable

Primo Volumio System 2.714
I’m trying to add a network drive but get this message:
Error in adding network drive (101) Network is unreachable.
Wired Network settings are:
IP address, fixed,
Wireless switched off
NAS settings as follows:
Alias: music
NAS IP: (accessible public IP no.)
path: music
File share type: cifs
username: david
password: xxxxxxx
options: vers=2.0
I can successfully mount NAS from my laptop IP: using the following mount command (for linux users):
$ mount -t cifs credentials=/path/to/credentials,uid=1000,guid=1000 // /mnt-point/

I’ve run out of ideas and can’t find a similar problem on google.

gatway address set correectly on the Volumio?

Well spotted. I had already checked the gateway, but it turns out that Volumio shows a “suggested” (grayed out) gateway address, which would have been correct in my case.

My problem was that this suggestion isn’t registered unless actually typed it in and saved.

Makes me feel slightly stupid :wink: