NanoSound DAC with different amp

I’m a bit (very) new to tinkering around with a RPi and all possibilities.
I’m very charmed by the NanoSound pro, especially because of the buttons and screen.
However, the 5W amp options is too weak for what I have in mind, I can imagine I’m not the only one with this…

I want to create a little, compact Volumio-player incl DAC and amp, ideally with buttons and screen. The speakers I want to use are 8 Ohm and require 10 - 50W

Basically, I want to combine the NanoPlayer with the IQaudio – DigiAMP bundle. Can I put the Nanoplayer pro board on top of the IQaudio digiamp with the extended 2x20 pins or so?

As this is a question regarding both amps and DACs, I didn’t really know where to put this question.

Kind regards

Hi Dropjeslover,

There is no plug and play solution out there that fits directly to the Nanosound board but you could use an amp like this one:

You will require an extra power supply , which is clear i think - at the power you want to have.

  • Josef