Nanaosound DAC2 no function at all

My Raspberry works fine with volumio and two different USB-DACs.

But the Nanasound Standard DAC2 doesn´t work at all.

I´ve tried everything: installing the dac as Plugin after a clean volumio install, setting up a volumio with integration of dac from nanosound-website.

Always the same: no sound, display deactivated and the red light on the dac as well as the on/off-button are only lighted when i power them by the corresponding usb-plugs.

setting are ok and I´ve started the system several times.

When I think about the fact how good it works with every USB-Dac and that they are recognized without special driver, the nanosound is a shame.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance


How do you power your nanosound?
Which raspberry?

configuration: DAC2 standard connected directly to is Pi 4 with newest volumio and plugin-download.

After powering the Pi and the outer USB of the DAC with 3A-power supply it works.

Butonly after a fresh boot. The switch on the DAC is useless. If I switch the DAC off the display stays on. If I power the DAC again nothing happens except a crash of the system. To get the system working again I have to reboot the Pi.

This doesn´t happen with my two USB-DACs (Arcam rdac and Topping T50s). If I forgot to switch them on the app tells me that they are missing. After the are switched on, they´re recognized and everything works fine.

Any hints?

Something has changed recently. I have similar issues… I think are power related issues…