name of buttons lost with last version


Since I’ve downloaded last version, I’ve lost the name of the buttons.
Here’s screenshots :

How can i resolve this problem ?

Thanks a lot.

What language?

can’t you see :wink:

Weird… I use it with no problem… Is it a fresh install or a update?

I had the same issue - fresh install (English), everything was ok. When I modified “something” is settings menu (I think I tried to change the I2S to “On”) the button labels disappeared. I tried power off - on cycle with RPi, but it didn’t help. So I needed to start with new Volumio image.

Remove the file “/data/configuration/miscellanea/apparence/config.json” and restart.

Thanks a lot.
My problem is resolved.

I was using Volumio 1.55 for months and I was disappointed by the instability of the system. I had to reinstall very often the system so I went to moodeaudio and now I’m happy to come back on Volumio 2.

Thanks for your good job.