MyVolumio on Odroid C1

Hi all,

Not sure I really understand what MyVolumio is :slight_smile:

On the forum, I’ve read that MyVolumio is release ONLY avalaible for PI
But on the blog, I read that MyVolumio is “a set of premium features, together with some cloud wizardry that expand Volumio capabilities” and if I’m eager to get started, here’s how I can do it: Update my Volumio install or download it and flash it (you’re looking for version 2.501 onwards)"

I currently use volumio-2.459-2018-09-20-odroidc1. Does that mean I can use MyVolumio features by simply create an account on MyVolumio (and pay for this) ?

We are working on it, C2 has already been done and seems to work OK.
Hope to have more news after this weekend.