MyVolumio FAQs

FAQs about MyVolumio

What is this thing exactly?
MyVolumio is a set of premium (and mostly cloud based) features for Volumio. It’s available as a monthly subscription service with 3 tiers: Free, Virtuoso (2,99 euros/month) and Superstar (6,99 euros/month).

MyVolumo is not mandatory to use Volumio, and adds features such as cloud sync of settings, streaming services support and remote control of your devices. It can be accessed from Volumio’s Web Interface or from

Is there a free trial?
Yes, you can try MyVolumio virtuoso for free for 30 days. After which you will normally billed (unless you cancel your subscription during the trial). To get your free trial, create your MyVolumio account from then select Virtuoso plan billed monthy.

Classic volumio version will be normally updated or will be dismissed?
They will be regularly updated, and when MyVolumio will achieve stable operations it will be integrated into classic Volumio releases for all supported platforms

Hey, I thought you were free and open source! Now you just want money!
Let’s make it very clear: Volumio is and will remain always free and Open Source. MyVolumio is a set of additional premium capabilities which are not mandatory at all to enjoy Volumio.
We will retain all current features as Free and Open, and we will also add new one in this scheme. In parallel, we will be adding new and new features to MyVolumio.

It’s very important to note that if you love the Volumio project, MyVolumio is the perfect way to sustain it financially, and get a pretty good features bonus in return.

MyVolumio and Volumio builds are now out-of-sync, how far behind (or ahead) is the myVolumio image compared to 2.413
MyVolumio is just an add-on of Volumio, so it’s currently built on top of 2.413. So every new build of MyVolumio will be based on the last release
available. Please note however that they will receive different updates from OTA updater.

I know there are some free coupons. How does this work?
We will releaase a limited numbers of 100% free 2 months of MyVolumio coupons, every week until we get to the release stage.

If you try to use a coupon code, and it doesn’t work that means that the current round of coupon is over and you need to wait for the next one.

Coupons are over, but I really want to try it and I am willing to pay.
You sure can, remember however that this is still in beta stage and something might not work as expected. But we do really appreciate your support!

Why you did not relese QOBUZ and TIDAL integrations as free plugins?
Because the technical effort required to develop them was a big undertaking on the financial and workload side of things for us.

So we needed a way to ensure this effort would have in turn contributed to the growth of Volumio.

Also, there are some “legally binding” terms behind those implementations which prevented us from developing it with Open source code.

I don’t like any of the features. I want this, this and that.
Great to hear: please partiticate to our community and engage in the discussion around MyVolumio, we want to hear what is the desire of the community to orient future developments.

Do you offer big quantities discount?
Sorry, no, at the moment it’s something we cannot handle.

Wait! Cloud? It means that my data are unprotected and Zuck will send me Russian propaganda!
Don’t worry: we made sure we do not store ANY sensitive information on you, and our cloud storage technology has been designed to be as safe as possible.

In fact, your connection will be more secure (and privacy-conscious) when using MyVolumio compared to ordinary connection to Volumio via local network.

What are you doing with my personal data?
Nothing nasty: we will not resell nor give them to third party. Also, the very moment you delete your MyVolumio account, we delete permanently all your data.

So you worked on this for almost 2 year and nobody knew nothing. Where’s your transparency?
We made the precise choice to not foster expectations and disclose MyVolumio only when we were sure to deliver it.

Nothing works! I’m so disappointed! You ruined my day!
Please use MyVolumio by understanding it’s still in beta state, and some parts might not work as we expect them to.

By knowing all that, we would love if you could give it a try and report all your feedbacks and bug report in the thread we created for it:

Wait! In the payment statement I see Paddle, and I also got a mail from them! Did I got into a scam?
No, don’t worry. Paddle is our payment processor and it handles transactions on our behalf. This is why you see their names and not Volumio on your payment statement.

Are you aadding bloat to the basic Volumio I love and slowing it down?
Could there not be a tandem release? I.e a basic Volumio and one with MyVolumio features added?

We designed MyVolumio to have a really negligible impact on overall performances, both if you use it and especially if you don’t.
The impact of having MyVolumio vs not having is about 30MB more RAM used, and no CPU difference whatsoever.
So, don’t worry, it won’t impact your experience.

We are not considering “tandem” releases: the effort will be too big to manage. We rather decided to concentrate to offer the less impact possibile of MyVolumio.

How Can I get a coupon code?


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Unless tjn can time travel, and go back to 2018 can he get a coupon then? :smile:

On a serious note, you don’t really expect that there are coupons left from a 2018 beta phase, do you?

No. There could maybe be a more resent campaign :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Correct, but to be announced in a 2018 beta thread? Keep monitoring the forum, perhaps you’re lucky with a future major update. Don’t count on it though :wink:

Thanks. No new subscription from me. Too expensive