MyVolumio doesn't work

I struggle with this for 3 days. First I couldn’t add my RPi to Virtuoso. Finally it happened on my desktop (on smartphone not). I turned Tidal on and everything was fine.
Now I turned RPi again and no Tidal. I check MyVirtuoso and RPI is added, but in sources I got upgrade your plan.
I cleared user data and started again. Now guess what I cannot add RPi to Volumio. What is worse that when I added my NAS share it doesn’t find any music. 2 days ago It did with no problem…

What happening, how can I fix it.

Very strange issue.
Please contact us at support at volumio dot org

We will help you

Guys, I wrote through support. No response since 16th Feb…
It seems that MyVolumio section doesn’t really log on device but on local devide (desktop or smartphone). Why I think so?

  1. I cannot change password. I wrote some letters and they are vanishing.
  2. I cannot just log out. I need to click log out several times and in most cases it still go back to be logged.

I tried via Ethernet cable and Wifi. I used ip address and Volumio.local (works only when Ethernet cable is used).
No matter what I do I cannot activate my RPi 4 to MyVolumio devices.