MyVolumio controls not all working

Hello, apologies for re-posting this, I posted a few days ago but I think I got the wrong catagory (I posted in general help and support not myvolumio). Hopefully someone here may be able to help.
I set up a new Volumio/Khadas streamer a few months ago, and have been really impressed with the sound quality. I’m mainly streaming music via Tidal.
Recently (probably over a month ago now) I lost a lot of the functionality of the MyVolumio Web interface. The play button to play a whole album doesn’t work. The play button for individual tracks doesn’t work. The only way I can now listen to tracks is to click ‘clear and play’ for one track at a time. I’ve also lost use of the volume control.
Please let me know if anyone knows what’s going on - I haven’t changed anything that I’m aware of. Thanks

Obvious suggestions but it is a start,

Have you upgraded to the latest version of Volumio if not I would do that first. Then, you can always reboot the Pi too see if that helps and if not do the Factory Reset? The factory reset should fix everything but you lose all your settings.