Myvolumio and Sparky

Hi is Myvolumio working on Sparky boards, I have an Ubridge from Allo?

Not yet. When MyVolumio will be declared stable, it will work for all officially supported devices

OK thanks

Hi Michelangelo, any idea of the release date for the non beta version?

Today we made another release, and I realized that almost all the issues have been cleared.
So we’re about to declare the beta phase closed.
If everything goes well, we’ll have myvolumio merged into Volumio by the end of the month…

Awesome, can’t wait


September is gone as the 27th of October, do you think it’ll be released any soon?

Idea is tomorrow (30/10/2018)…

Sparky builds will come a bit later after that…

:cry: :cry:

Sorry about that, we’ve made a build but found some issues on it, it will take some time :wink:

Hi Michaelangelo,
Any progress or updates on the Sparky build of Myvolumio?


There is an experimental version detailed here sparky-with-myvolumio-t11228.html

New version (totally untested). Please give feedbacks: …

i have an Ubridge from Allo?