mytuner radio

I am enjoying volumio easy to setup. i use a few of them for internet radio
only issue is that some radio stations are not available on tunein but are available on my tuner
is it possible to add this ?

Hi scrarfussi,

Yes it is possible - but you will have to do a little work for each station to find out the streaming URL.

for example Google for “WDR5 m3u” leads you to

The go down to the section “Stream URLs”. Mark the link to
do a right mouse click and choose “Save target as”.

Open the saved file “wdr5.m3u” with notepad. Here you find the real streaming URL which is.

Then go back to Volumio and add a radio station.
Call it WDR5 and put in the real streaming URL.

This has to be done for each radio station you want to have added.
I strongly recommend you install the “Backup & Restore Data” plugin and do a backup after you finished. This way you can easily restore it in case you have to do a fresh install or want to transfer the list to another Volumio installation.
Tipp: Switch off “configuration” before you save the backup - this way you can easily restore it to anothe Volumio installation with a different configuration.

Best Regards from Bavaria

ok i wondered since mytuner has an app if it was not possible to incorporate it or add a web browser to volumio thanks

So i followed your advice and got the urls
but what i realized from firefox is that there are chunks … 46881.m3u8 the playlist file

the chunks … 54_942.aac … 54_943.aac … 54_944.aac … 54_945.aac … 54_946.aac

So now
what happens in volumio is that every 10 seconds the audio cuts out .
yet in firefox the stream plays continuously Any ideas how to fix it ?