mysql backend for song database?

I’m surprised I can’t find anything on this, or am I overlooking something?

I have tried to connect the approx. 50GB mp3 collection on my NAS/Linux server (nfs mounted) to a fresh cubox-i Volumio install, but it crashes at scanning the collection. So until now not yet succeeded in actually using it.

I tried running an mpd on the NAS (as I understood it serves the song database?), but the library is not seen by volumio (even though I edited the mpd config to be slave). Haven’t finished researching the issue deeper yet…

But: why can’t we just have the library in a (remote) mysql database? (And mounted over e.g. NFS?)
I do the same in Kodi for my movies, and it works great. Volumio could just use a mysql backend instead of a local file (I haven’t discovered yet what kind of file format is used btw., couldn’t find documentation on it as well…)

Would it be possible as a plugin? Or integrated?

I have gotten further (possibly obsoleting the mysql database requirement, though it still seems cool to be able to use a database, and superior to just using a remote mpd for it), but I’m still meeting issues: see this separate post

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!