Mycroft IA comunication pluggin.

Pluggin to Integration in Mycroft IA.

I made a Home Assistant hardware, Volumio Hardware and Want a same integration they have but to use my Mycroft IA hardware to control Volumio player hardware with voice control of Mycroft IA assistant like Home Assistant does.

Some one is working with this…?

Some one…?

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I don’t know about Mycroft but on the MyVolumio forum there’s a discussion about adding a different AI Assistant control capability for Volumio/MyVolumio. (I’m involved in building that AI Assistant, through a partnership between Volumio and my company, CloudConstable.)

In principal, the same control interface for Volumio, which mostly already exists, could be used by any external AI service, including Mycroft, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc. The only question is whether the skills and keywords to control a music player could be adapted to trigger the correct control commands for Volumio. We’ve already got most of the important Volumio commands working with our AI assistant service, and have found only two really tricky bits:

  1. interfacing from a Cloud service to the local Volumio back end, which we worked around by using the MyVolumio cloud service, and
  2. implementing a working Search function, which can cover searching music by song title, artist name, album name, and other possible variations, as well as dealing with multiple potential matches. We still have some work to do on the more complex use cases here.

If anyone on here wants to look into how Mycroft works, I could provide some guidance on whether it might be easy to add support for Volumio control. A key question is whether Mycroft uses Websockets for control of any external systems.

To answer how Mycroft works it says it uses messagebus which is a websocket, it says:

" A Message Bus is mechanism for independent systems to communicate with each other using a set of messages for common commands or notifiers. In the Mycroft ecosystem, the Messagebus is a websocket and the messages contain a message type with an optional JSON data packet. Some messages trigger actions and have side effects; some are simple notifiers of actions that either have occurred or are about to occur. The Messagebus connects the mycroft-core processes and the Skills , and can also be joined by outside systems such as the CLI."

If you want to know other things like basic plugin programming it says

“The plugins are normal pip-installable python modules specifying specially named “entry points”. The entry points are a python packaging mechanism for creating common api’s and making them discoverable. For more info see the Python Packaging Guide”

So to sum up plugins are python modules and mycroft uses messagebus to communicate externally

I know this is a necro post but the Mycroft plugin still has yet to be developed.