My web radios is restored after reboot

Running version 2.714 and 2.718
Doing some changes in My web radios , changing urls , adding and removing channels.
Everything is correct until I do a reboot , after that My web radios is restored to some old version

Why ?
Something to do with My Volumio ? (Currently i’m using the Free version)

I’m using the latest release for Raspberry Pi (V 2.714).
I just tested adding a new station in My Web Radios, it worked, then I restarted Volumio.
I went back to My Web Radios and my new station was still there and still plays correctly.

Well it’s definitely something with the My Volumio (probably some sync function) that sets spells and trolls in my system with players

When I logout from My Volumio on all players My web radios seemes to be correkt at all times on all players , but when I logon to My Volumio and do a reboot the /data/favourites/my-web-radio file is replaced with a old/new file !

I have seen this behavior earlier but have always blamed my self for misstakes and bad memory

Deleted my My Volumio account and re registered
So far it’s working