My Web Radios Get Failed To Decode Error

When ever I set up a My Web Radio and try to play it I get this message:

Can some out there try one of these and tell me if they work for you or not?

Any ideas on what the problem may be?

This will never work, because you set up as the link the website page. You should find the streaming link to do that.

jackcf, please can you tell me if you ever succeeded in getting one of these radio’s playing with Volumio?

I experienced the same issue with other webradio’s. The post of michelangelo is very clear, but did you manage to get a “streaming link” ?
When I tried one of yours I got right on the site and the only thing I had to do there was hitting the play button.
It seems to me that your links may work when one can add an autostart flag or something like that.

I hope you will share your experience with getting these links playing.

That site states “ Premium members can use any third-party audio software that accepts custom streaming URLs or .pls / .m3u playlist files.”
Unless you have a premium account you can’t view the actual stream URLs and use them in apps or devices to play the streams.

The stream is of higher quality for paid, premium accounts too.
"Our Premium service streams:
MP3: 320 kbits/sec
AAC: 128 kbits/sec
AAC-HE: 64 kbits/sec

Our free service streams:
AAC-HE: 64 kbits/sec"

jackcf, JazzyHan , to get around your problem could you try to find out the streaming link as recommended by Michel (see youtube on how to find the Stream URL of Online Radio Stations:

Hope it helps :wink:

See the message above yours. The streaming links are not available to non-subscribers.