My Walnut Atom(ic) Volumio


Volumio is like disease - it has completely taken over me and there is no cure for it.

I use My oak Volumio transport for my tube PCM63-K DAC but it wasn’t enough for me.

Few weeks ago, after I read few words from @gkkpch and @Wheaten I bought WYSE3040. Nice, small, functional and works realy nice with Volumio. With WiFi, Lan, BT, USB and headphone jack is good platform to make some “MMM” (Multifunctional Music Machine).

I had a dream… so I found few parts in ma workshop, few parts I ordered and started to create a monster.

I’m aesthetics so front panel is from natural wood, this time I chose walnut with 7" display. I want more functionality than I have in My Oak Volumio so I decided to add Compact Disk transport. Important for me were front USB and headphones.

A moment of thought and a day of work later, this was created:

Now it stays on My Oak Volumio because I still build tube DAC for it and inside is only XMOS USB/I2S converter for test with my DAC.

After all work will completed, "MMM"will stand alone like this:

Photos from inside next time. Now is only naked 3040, transport CD, Xmos converter, transformer with power supply for tubes and few auxiliary relays for controls all parts. Will be added PCM DAC, tubes for DAC and probably more ( if I find place for it )


and it works:


Awesome! Don’t know what else I can say. Well done.

I am pretty sure some squirrels will be upset, to see their home turned into a music player… :joy:

Squirrels are my power supply. Inside is some wheel generator with running around Chip 'n Dale for nuts.


After one week test I can say:

original Dell impulse power supply sucks !!!

Why ?? Because I monitoring USB voltage and sometimes drop to 4,6V. I heard sound distortion, I disconnected the CD and display, but the voltage on the USB still dropped.

This is strange because the current consumption measured even with the LCD connected and during CD playback was about 1.8A at a voltage of 5.1V. Peak at start was maximum 2,3A.

I changed PSU for WYSE3040, now is feed by regulated 5A power supply unit with 8V 6,25A toroid transformers. I give 5,1V and with the same current consumption USB voltage is still on the same level. No sound distorsion.

It is upper, smaller red PCB. This big red one is for tubes anode and heaters.

Strange the stock supply is rated at 5V/3A.
I have to admit, all that I have connected is a Wifi dongle and USB DAC.
Did the input also show voltage drops or Or only the USB ports?

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No, only USB port shows voltage drop. Input was still on 5,1V.

My WYSE is connected to XMOS converter via USB, first when I heard sound distorsion I thought that is a problem with XMOS and DAC but after that I heard few times relay knocking.

Maybe I start at beggining:

I have all time powered WYSE and use monostable switch on front panel soldered parallel to WYSE power switch. I also have inside power supply unit for tube but I want powered tubes only when Volumio is ON and for this I use arduino relay module. I have soldered wires from USB power supply pins, if WYSE is powered on and has power on USB than switch on relay which power on tube PSU. Sometimes when voltage drop arduino relay module was switched on/of. I connected this USB power swires to multimeter and observed. To be shure I connected to USB port USB monitoring stick

and saw the same voltage drop. Now on my PSU USB power is still about 4,9V. I think WYSE never give me more.

Relays like this rely on continuous power to operate, dawning the current from the USB ports. You should opt for pulse relay’s. They only need a pulse to switch to a state and stay there, until the next pulse is received.

It is a mini relay. It takes measured 0.018 A. I use the same in my DAC to cut off signal on output RCA until tubes are stable.This 0.018 A it’s realy nothing and nothing change on test with Dell PSU.

amazing, really amazing.
what cd player you yosed in your DIT?
/bow, like it

Thank you. I don’t remember CD model because I used it with laptop before WYSE. It is one of the Hitachi “slot in” drive.

Tubes on board !!

As you see I mounted tubes on back panel because of place inside. Because of the same reason I need to prepare other one DAC PCB - smaller :slight_smile:

It is almost finished. I prepare tube analog, all power supply, I add two colours power switch with relay ( it is green after WYSE start but with output RCA bypassed to the ground… After 1,5 minute when tubes are ready to work timer power on relay - ground from RCA is cut off and power switch is red. It is mean that DAC is ready to play).

Now I need only smaller DAC PCB.

thanks a lot, mate, i’ll look at on Hitachi site and mostly online shops, thanks again :slight_smile:

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HITACHI GP70NS50 - I’m sure.

Yesterday I finished DAC. All parts I need soldered. It is simply R2R DAC. Only CS8412 receiver and 2 x PCM56 current outputs straight to the tubes. Last night I connected everything and adjusted conversion resistor. Still outside for test.

and at morning started to play.

What a sound!!! I build many tube DAC but this simple PCB gives awesome sound stage.