My Volumio starts w/o problems only every 2nd time

Hello –

my volumio/RPI (not MyVolumio) starts only every second time without problems.

I use to simply unplug and plug again whenever I want to listen. If I do so the RPI does not start, no volumio page shows up, alltough it flashes the green light and so but nothing happens.

If I now start again by simply unplug and replug the system starts and boots as normal. I can’t say by when or which version this unnormal behaviour started but it is since a couple of months.

If I go shutdown via Shutdown -> PowerOff with unplug and re-plug it starts every time ok.

Not a big issue, but certainly anoying.

Difficult one to resolve. I’m assuming that you can’t ssh into your device, so If you can do it, connect a monitor and keyboard. When you’re in the situation of not being able to access it via a browser, have a look a what the network settings are … “ifconfig” and “sudo iwconfig”

Thanks for kind answer but No, I am not able to do linux. The RPI starts (only red led on) but no volumio shows up, only after the next try. If I shutdown by menue -> shutdown -> power off everything is ok, it starts always at the first attempt.

It did not happen several months ago, it always started the first attempt no matter which way I shut down.