My Volumio Setup


Just want to share my Volumio installation :

  • Raspberry B
  • Hifiberry DAC
  • NAS Synology Storage
  • GMPC / MPDroid / Mupeace as remote client.

WP_20140215_008 (Copier).jpg
WP_20140216_003 (Copier).jpg

Everything works fine. I’ve followed some instructions found on this forum to set up HifiBerry Dac. I’ve also had to mount manually my NAS share.

The sound is amazing … I’ve tried before an airport solution with Synology DS Audio, a so called Hifi computer on Windows with a Creative Xfi HD and Asio Drivers, and finally the Volumio + Hifiberry is just better from my point of view !

I want to share my exeperience to encourage other people to try Hifiberry. I’ve never soledered before, and I succeed in installing the Dac without any trouble.

Many thanks to the Volumio and Hifiberry team for their work. Keep on improving these products, it’s incredible !

Thanks for the photos. Where did you get the rack for the raspberry pi including hifiberry from? And are you using a tablet running mp droid? It seems to be connected to the nas?


I’ve just used a standard raspberry case, following this idea :
I only had to drill the 2 holes on the top, and to order the 2 connectors which were not provided with my Hifiberry Dac.

I’m using an android tablet to control my Volumio, a small asus memo pad. To be honest, mpdroid only adds the covers display. The standard volumio web UI is working fine for me on this pad. Sometimes, i’m also using gpmc on my computer.

And yes, it’s connected to my NAS where all my music is stored. No Wifi, only ethernet connexion between the raspberry and the NAS.

(Sorry for my english, i’m french)


I’m using a similar setup and I am very happy with the sound quality !! :smiley: Question: where did you get gpmc from? I tried to find it via this link:, but my anti-virus warns about a virus and does not let me download the program … ?!?


I think I’ve download it from :