My Volumio project is basically done!

So… I wanna show you my Volumio project that has been going on for a while now, but are really close to done !
All i have left basically is to buy or design some feet for the cabinet =)

Raspberry pi 4
IQ Audio Dac
Waveshare 7.9" display
10A Power supply
A bunch of cables and connectors


Well done, clean design!!


really amazing

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WOW! Where did you find that case and the connectors?

Wow, that looks amazing!
Can you explain the way to connect and operate waveshare 7.9" display?
I am having hard time connecting small 2.4" waveshare to operate

Thanx bro !
I connect it to my Rpi via HDMI and then just add a few lines from the manufacturer to my config file ! =)

I have designed and built the case myself !
The connectors i have bought from electronic dealers here in sweden ! =)