My Volumio and Cubox-i ?


Can one of the developers please let me know whether My Volumio with Tidal support is currently usable on the Cubox-i, and if not whether there is any chance it will in the future ?

I know the Cubox-i is not on the official downloads page anymore, however on the following my volumio overview page it specifically lists the Cubox-i:

The latest community build for the Cubox-i is relatively old now:

“System Version: 2.532 Released: Fri Jan 18 19:57:06 CET 2019”

However in this annoucement post for My Volumio from 2018:


This seems to suggest that My Volumio support was merged into the normal Volumio codebase in approx October 2018, and therefore should be present in the January 2019 Cubox-i community build, however it does not seem to be as I don’t see a “profile” option in settings after updating to this version.

So I’m rather lost between a lot of different contradictory information on this site. I also stupidly signed up for the 15 day free trial of My Volumio Virtuoso before confirming that I would actually be able to use it on the Cubox-i build.

Any clarification on the minimum required version of Volumio would be great - I can’t find this information anywhere and if possible I would like to try it before the 15 day trial runs out.

Same here, I have Hummingboard i2ex with Volumio Community 2.532, started MyVolumio for mainly for BT A2DP and dissapointed, because myvolumio devices are empty, and cant login to account…