My Volumio 101 - Get Started here

If you’re reading this, welcome. This will be the starting point to get all the latest info, news and instructions on MyVolumio.



  • TIDAL and Qobuz native support via UI
  • Auto syncing of playlists, webradio favourites, my webradios, favourites
  • Remote connection to your MyVolumio device

Useful links:
Technical Overview:
Free voucher codes:
Bug reports:


  • Download and flash the MyVolumio image (it will follow a different release cycle than Volumio until it gets to stable state).
  • Flash it and start Volumio normally
  • In the Menu you will see a new entry: myVolumio. Login or create an account
  • From your profile you can see your devices list, you can enable and disable them.
  • With Virtuoso plan you can enable myVolumio only on 1 device
  • With Superstar plan you can enable MyVolumio on up to 6 devices
  • With Virtuoso and Superstar you will see the QOBUZ menu in MyMusic
  • Login to
  • You will go directly to your profile, and see your devices
  • When your devices are online, you will see a play button near them. Click on it to connect to them from anywhere (you don’t need to be connected to the same network).




Rome wasn’t built in a day, and also MyVolumio will take some time to get in full operational state. That’s why we have detailed a roadmap for its adoption.

Phase 1: Open Beta

Even if we worked on MyVolumio for more than 18 months as of now, we need to make sure everything runs as good as our community deserves. This means addressing every possible residual misbehaviour MyVolumio has.

So, this phase will be all about validating the Cloud infrastructure, to see how well it performs under reasonable loads and to make it as stable as possible.

As some of you know, Volumio counts more than 150k users: and serving such a potentially wide crowd is something to be take seriously. Phasing out the load our infrastructure is the most sound choice to get us prepared for the big show.

This is why we deiced to release MyVolumio in this Open Beta stage. What it means is:

  • We will provide a limited amount of Voucher codes for people to try it for free. We will offer about 50 voucher codes every week to gradually increase the load on the system. This does not mean that this beta is closed:
    everyone can subscribe to MyVolumio service, but we want to offer the possibility to enjoy it for free to our community members, while they are willing to give us an hand by reporting suggestions, feedbacks and bug reports.
    Voucher codes have a limited duration, which is about 2 months, after which (if you do not cancel your plan) you will be charged with the subscription amount.

  • We are starting with a limited set of functionalities, in order to perfect them and focus on having few but robust additional features. Namely:

  • Secure Remote connection from anywhere to your Volumio player.

  • Full QOBUZ support

We will be adding in this phase also:

  • Automatic syncing and backup of Favourites, My Webradios, WebRadio Favourites and Playlists
  • Another very famous Hi-Res Streaming service (it ends with L) integration

Last but not least, we want to listen to what our beloved community has to say about this work we’ve been doing behind the curtains for so long.

Our vision is to create a set of cloud-based additional features that improve the listening experience with Volumio, and we’re eager to know if we actually made something relevant for you guys. Before focusing on moving forward with more functions, we want to know if this is a good direction or if there is something we should reconsider, and how.

The single most important feature that MyVolumio is asked to serve is to improve the experience of people like us, who just love to listen and discover exciting music. We’ve done our part, now it’s your time to say what you think about it.

Phase 2: Official Release

Yes, this will be the time where celebration occurs. Once we get there (hopefully by the end of the summer) it will mean that MyVolumio has become rock solid and has been fine tuned according to your feedbacks.
But of course, the fun will not be over.

Phase 3: Expansion and Community Driven Development

At this point, everything should be up and running smoothly and we should have a pretty solid idea on how the reception and adoption of MyVolumio was.
We will then start releasing gradually some features that are already under works but that are not ready for prime time yet, and some that we’ve been dreaming on for a while.
A rough idea of what we have in mind for this phase is:

  • Single login for, Volumio Shop, Volumio forum and MyVolumio. So you don’t need a huge brain just to login on our community.
  • Release of TIDAL integration
  • Release of a state of the Art CD Ripper and Player
  • Release of a stable and reliable Bluetooth integration
  • Expansion of the plugin infrastructure, with the ability to rate, review and recommend plugins. Plus a new set of tools for plugin developers.
  • Remote playback of Music stored on your Volumio device
  • Auto backup of settings, albumarts and user data
  • Advanced metadata discovery and music browsing

Of course the above are just rough ideas and our timeline and priority can change a lot, especially because we want once again to put a focus on listening what your preferences would be and what the community judges as priorities.

The idea here is to reinvest what comes out of MyVolumio into new features which are meaningful for Volumio and MyVolumio users.

What’s important to note is that MyVolumio will open a whole new world of possibilites (we will really be able to do awesome things with it), but the key will be focusing our efforts on what actually matters, and not bells
and whistles.

You’re therefore invited to post your comments, suggestions and ideas in the MyVolumio feedback thread: … 10229.html

MyVolumio has been launched since 2 weeks now. And I must say a huge thank you to everyone (and we’re talking about lots of people!) which joined this early beta adventure!

Results of this initial phase went beyond my expectations:

  • We got about 500 subscriptions! And the response for Virtuoso and Superstar plan has been very good. Some people decided not to use the free voucher codes we’re giving and support the project. Thanks for your support guys.
  • The cloud infrastructure is reacting very well. We reached 11% peak usage on the maximum load moment. So we can say safely assume that our cloud infrastructure can easily handle users in the tenths of thousands without any major hiccup.
  • One part of the infrastructure that is struggling in the moments of peak load is the remote connection capability: sometimes it just does not work. We’re working hard to fix and improve it. If it does not work for you, bear with us, we’re working relentlessly to fix it asap.
  • The combination of Volumio and Qobuz seem to have had a fantastic feedback by who used it. I could not agree more, it’s a fantastic combo!
  • Lot of great feedbacks emerged by the community: the most requested MyVolumio features seem as of now TIDAL (due soon), Advanced metadata and advanced discovery for music library and remote streaming of local stored music.
  • We received many useful bug reports and we fixed many edge cases.
  • We introduced a new feature: automatic syncing of Playlists, Favourites, WebRadio favourites and personal webradios among all your MyVolumio devices.
  • We’re still looking for a viable feature to add to the FREE plan. Suggestions are very welcome on this!


  • Added TIDAL!
  • Increased QOBUZ search results, and add a settings to select how many search results to display
  • Fixed some instability issues
  • Fixed remote connection issues
  • Decreased MyVolumio overhead on system


  • Fixed song ordering issue on TIDAL
  • Quality setting on TIDAL
  • Working myplaylists in QOBUZ
  • Reduced default search to 10 for TIDAL


  • Add favourites on TIDAL
  • Highest quality setting on TIDAL and QOBUZ
  • Better album info for TIDAL
  • Fixed track playback on QOBUZ search
  • OTA Updates are now available for myvolumio builds


  • Fixed french language not showing my music streaming services
  • Improved Qobuz Search
  • Fixed Qobuz single track playback


  • Removed error on UI when connected via hotspot
  • Fixed My albums on TIDAL to show all albums
  • Fixed add to queue of TIDAL albums
  • Removed [EXPLICIT] tag from TIDAL songs

With update 6 we’re as close to release as ever… Expect myvolumio to land on Volumio soon!

Most of the issues are fixed and the whole cloud ecosystem proved to be stable and to be able to sustain high loads…
So, we’ve done it! We’ll be merging MyVolumio into Volumio and releasing in mid october!