My very personal volumio story 14.5" Touchdisplay

my very personal volume story

looking for a solution to stream internet radio and
I searched extensively to integrate my music archive.

At first I was impressed by Rose Audio’s solution.
Such a device RS150 is a nice thing. the different
views of the front really impressed me. the whole thing should go with it
harmonize with my home stereo system. Because I’m curious
I wanted to know what’s in such a device and why high priced.

The many conversations with people who have such a device
owning it sobered me up. I came across it by chance
volumio and was very impressed by the option of plugins
how to install peppymeter.
My first volumio device with me a raspberry pi 3B were already quite good and with the help of the forums, a small display should also work.

Everything was good up to this point. but the enemy of the good is the better…

My wish was to build a device with the entire front display.
In the meantime I have help the community various devices with displays
from 8 to 12 inches and resolutions up to 1920 x 720. but that was always
the case not yet what I want for myself.

After further research I found a display with a 14.5 inch format for a 43cm wide case.
What I didn’t consider was that unusual resolution of 2520 x 720.

What got me there.

So start again from the beginning. I had great hope for them
community and was not disappointed!

You guys are just amazing in your support!!

The mechanical construction was supervised by a friend, so that’s what he said
was finished before the functional test.

The integration of peppymeter was also greatly supported,
My thanks for this too.

Further expansion with an internal high-quality DAC can now take place.
I will test a few more parts here.

Here is further information


Good job!! Looks great :+1:t4:



The thing looks really great, great job.



Very great job :+1: :metal:

thank you for the praise :+1:

Looks awesome. I am thinking doing the same.
I might ask questions as I come along…

What is the display unit? Do you have a link for it?

you write that you helped with displays with a resolution of 1920 x 720, is it about displaying the peppymeter in such resolutions? Can you give a link to the topic? Because I can’t find…

there are two links at the end of my first post. Here are the help for setting the display to 2520 x 720 and the help for the templates for Peppymeter. There is also a link for the display I use including the entries for the userconfig.txt