My usb device was erased!

That’s the spirit :rofl:


it is that after install of version 3.152 ( with the new login for volumio )
the usb stick is clean no data only a clean usbstick so you could write at it again no corruption at this time.
but with recovering the data from it, not all the data some files where corrupted and it started from 3.152
all versions before that i could run without any problems but after the rewriting of some parts of volumio
i had the problem i came from 3.074 and reinstalled it with the 3.152 and after that it started.

btw i didn’t see any power problems didn’t see the lighting bolt with the boot.

version 3.173, installed 8th December last year. This was my first and only install!


When this happened, was there something written on the thumb, that didn’t exist before?
As this might have overwritten parts, so you couldn’t recover the old data anymore?

I think you will only see the lighting bolt after a partial part of the OS has been loaded. As that is part of the bootloader (or how they call it)
The only thing you could observe is the blink red power led on the rPi.

Just seen this, I am now not so sure I want to recreate the issue, what you say makes sense! I was going to use a HDD, but thought the stick would be neater! As everything is up and running again I may leave it running, and if problems will look further.

the thumb was full of my songs what i had for all of my versions before that.
so the thing what was different was the clean install of the 3.152
all versions before that the thumb was in the pi with always my music without any problem.
with the install i didn’t see any strange things all went well.
but after trying to play and test it i discoverd i saw the thumb but no data checked on my pc,
it was clean ready to write on it.

Was there anything more connected to the rPi?
hat, usb thingy, …

For the USB Thumb,
Brand, model, url to the thingy?

all my things are 1 dac, 1 thumb drive and unify dongle
unify dongle ( for keyboard )
tone board 1 on usb 2.0 ( my dac )
sandisk extreme pro 256 gig usb 3.1 on usb 3.0 ( my music )

All powered by the rPi USB port?
As I see some weird behaviour if I power mine pro-ject pre box s2 digital by USB.
The rPi boot, DAC startup, disconnect after 5 seconds and starts up again after 20 seconds.

yess all powered by usb c org. rpi 5v/3 amp power supply without any problems before
btw i have the org. 7inch screen on it and worked without any power problems.

I still think that is the issue. Not sure what changes have been done in the newer kernel regarding the power part…

if it was the kernel it would be in the versions before 3.074 too i guess
and never had it with the versions till 3.074 … after clean install of 3.152 i had it.

I think its possible that the newer kernel handles power different. It’s not like you can reproduce what happened in a structured path. It’s just a mix of things coming together occasionally.

hence my remark, I don’t think Volumio can solve this as I sincerely doubt it’s related to the V3 coding. We will see. All we can do is provide as much info as possible. Or even better a structured way to reproduce it.
Currently it seems pretty random.

Wheaten, if you really, really, want me to crash my car to possibly help, I will, but what you said about power issue sounds very good. I should have known better than to use the PI as a power output! :confused: Thanks for the help and chat.

You don’t have to crash your car on my behalf. Unless you feel power full today :rofl:

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Phew…am enjoying just listening! Sade!
Take care.

Oh, just a thought, I did not format the thumbdrive before putting all my music back on it. As the collection is about 115 gb, if the original files were still on there, but somehow hidden, then I would not have been able to copy another 115 gb to the drive, as it was almost full! So, i do think it was completely erased!!!

So I do think your wrong :slight_smile:

Darn how to explain this.
If you remove the road between 2 cities, does this mean that those cities are gone?
The same is happening when the MBR or location table get corrupted. The files are still there but the “road” to them is missing. Without this road a computer has no clue what all 1 and 0 means. (This is the same how quick format works, it just deletes the road)

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Oh, so it all got overwritten!?

yep, and new roads are created