My streamer Osiris

Here are some photos of my streamer.
The box is stainless steel, front panel 10mm aluminum
Inside RPi 3b and Allo Boss
Display 4x20 I2C
Play / Pause button

During the production, I came up with a lot of improvements and so another better version will be soon.

IMG_20200628_133329 IMG_20200628_133632


Sweet streamer! That is a neat looking case - did you get it custom fabricated? If so any links? :slight_smile:

All parts fabricated in company where i working. With help my coworkers. This is one of benefits.

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Nice work on the case, great result.

Nice, clean lines. Looks compact enough…


A nice work. Congrats!

By the way, how do you put a 20x4 display?

the display is fastened with screws from the inside of the box to the front panel. There is a milled hole in the front panel exactly for the display. If you mean this…

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Nice job, congrats!

The Boss DAC uses all the i2c pins of the Pi so: How did you plug the screen to get it working?

hi, thank you.
on second side of Allo boss is pinheader j19 with this pinout. I connectet to this

Hi zafod.tom
Okay thanks a lot!