my setup..

Raspberry pi 2
USB hard drive
IR remote control
Digital out.

(speakers are work in progress)


very nice project. how did you implement lirc and the display in volumio2?

best regards

I think a lot of us are trying to find the answer to this question. Seems like every time it’s been asked there has been no response. I know I’ve got a project on hold until I can figure it out.

Very nice project, by the way. Very similar to what I am trying to do.

Sorry to say, its Volumio 1.55.

Will be trying to update it to 2 soon.

I figured it was 1.55. If you can get Ver 2 to work there at quite a few of us that would appreciate it if you would share the knowledge!

very nice sprocket1597!
How did you setup the gpio_in and gpio_out of your IR receiver?

With my Pi I couldn’t find a way to have the Pi 2 B HifiBerry Dac pro and + the IR fully working all together.
In order to receive some information via IR I had to remove the DAC from the PI and setup the GPIO as following:

  • gpio_in_pin=18
  • gpio_out_pin=17

With this conf I can receive, record or send IR through my IR ener314-ir.
As soon as I add the DAC I can’t received IR and keeping the GPIO like below breaks the Pi. He doesn’t want to boot.
I have to change the setup for:

  • gpio_in_pin=11
  • gpio_out_pin=17

And here with Volumio 1.55 or 2 it work but I can only send IR data. I’m not able to receive IR data.

Also do you have some noise when you send IR data through your PI? I have a weird noise each time I’m sending IR order I can ear through my speaker (Volumio 1 et 2).
Are you experiencing the same thing?

Here is my installation

I’m working on how to develop a lirc plug in for my Pi.
This is the interface I would love to have

1:55 and not because you use the new version?
can someone tell me a simple guide to install a 4 inch lcd hdmi monitor