My Player/DAC

I’ve got RPi2 (very happy with responsivness) and DAC-24192-ABR from Sellarz Audio Technology:

I took an vintage tube radio out of it’s case and I’m planing it as a case for my project:
I’ll make custom front pannel for it. I’m wainting for Squeezebox Touch PSU (from group buy).

I’ll post pics and thought on final product.

interesting :wink:

Front pannel will be made of plexi glass (not aluminium) as it’s cheaper and easier to work on. Aluminium has to be galvanized after cutting/brushing. Plexi is just fine after cutting on laser cutter. One process for engraving, drilling cutting …

I’ll stick to black and/or green (I’ll try to pick colors as similar as possible to combination on original front pannel). I’ll experiment with transparency …

This is mine:

Next week I’ll start working with plexi. I’ll post a pic of a complete set of “raw” material & components before working on end product.

Thanks ! Have fun !