My old rado tuned in Volumio Steamer

This is a Deso from 1949
only using the wooden Part of the radio using pi4 , 7.9 hdmi display , amp2 , cd-drive , 1.3"oled display and the rotary encoders not in yet , volumio 2.917, powersupply MeanWell LRS-100-24 108W 24V 4,5A, and Waveshare Industrial Grade USB HUB, Extending 4X USB 3.2 Ports.Visaton frs 8 -8ohm speakers


That looks great. Retro futurism.

Very good idea and nice build.

Just a question : how did you fix the cd player to the front panel? I have a plan to integrate a player like yours in a case front plate, but never found a decent design to hold the player 90 degrees in the center of the plate.


i made it by myself a 3d model and let it print :slight_smile:

and this is for the oled display

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