My new streamer

made from an old pickup preamp.

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nice work @michel8166

Tip from Flip :

with this you could arrang and alter the things on screen…
even your own background and radio logo’s will have a white background
and use textwrap in little space you will get 2 lines of text.

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thanks for the tip! I didn’t realize this plugin was so advanced, looks nice :sunglasses:

hope this one comes stock in volumio interface someday.

if you want a nice skin for the background just say it :slight_smile:

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got the 4.3 inch screen, works perfectly and exactly the nice size for the streamer.

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looks better than the old one want to see the finished version want to see how that looks :slight_smile:
( becarefull with the orange cable on the bottom that could damage eazy.)

yes I already saw that orange cable, I have to make room for it at least at the back, otherwise it won’t fit anyway.

When I’m done I’ll post a picture here.

touchscreen is in it, nice screen and also responds nicely to touch. picture is a bit dark, i’ll upload a better one tomorrow…

that look way better @michel8166 fits like a glover…

better photo.

is it a hair or scratch on your right bottom corner ?

no, it just seems that way, the foil is still on it and a bit of adhesive / tape on the front, this was because I wouldn’t damage the whole thing while editing for the cutout screen.

smart to do :slight_smile: otherwise you will have damage it.

3.5 inch screen that came from the volumio streamer built in the custom Logitech duet, so it still comes in handy :smile:

never waist a good display lol :stuck_out_tongue: