My music folder (20GB) on the SDXC card is not found

I would like to have my music on the same SDXC card on which volumio is installed, but currently volumio does not recognize it
My steps:

  • Downloaded the image for the raspberry “volumio-2.692-2019-12-19-pi.img”
  • 64GB SDXC card
  • balenaEtcher (Linux) created three partions on the SD card
    • boot (60MB)
    • volumio (2,2GB)
    • volumio_data (55,8GB)
      • dyn
      • union
      • work
  • On the volumio_data partition I created new folder “music” on my Linux notebook with subfolders containing ogg and mp3 files
    The size of the music folder is about 20GB.

Volumio doesn’t find this source when I scan for it.
Does it have to have a special name ?
Should it be maybe a subfolder in the “work” folder ?
I don’t want to attach an USB drive or networkdrive.
Hope someone can support. Thanks