My minimalist Volumio Streamer

Hey all,
I’ve only had an account on the Volumio site for about a year but I’ve been running RaspyFi/Volumio since it first arrived (sometime in 2013 I think) and was active on the old forum.

Anyway, my main Volumio system is headless and runs on a late 2012 Raspberry Pi B with a D/A converter. It is the source for a modest class A/B push pull 6L6 amp that powers a pair of old school Advent “The New Loudspeaker” model floor speakers from the 1970’s. It’s quite high fidelity and natural sounding.

I’m just now at the point where I want to upgrade so I’ll put in an order for some Raspberry Pi 3 models and some sort of 2IC D/A converter.

Here are a couple of photos of my current setup.


Very cool build.

Here are a couple of my minimalist builds (based on Pi Zeros):

I’m loving the form factor, although I’m having some issues copying mp3 files to the internal server cards.

This is a build on a Pi 3A that works flawlessly.

TheWalkman, I like the case for the RP 3. That’s nice.

I’m not using the internal memory of mine for music. I’m using a WD MyCloud as a media server for my home network and the Volumio units index from it. I ripped all my music to MP3 and it lives on the MyCloud.

Now I’m interested in getting a Bluetooth adapter for my Turntable to see if I can use it as a source for the RP 3.