My Jukebox Presents

Here’s my collection of Jukeboxes made for friends and family!


Well done! Can you give more details about the hardware used?
Your friends and family are lucky! :smiley:

It’s a Pi Touchscreen, a Pi, a 3 amp 5v power supply plus a USB audio adapter plus a relatively decently sized hard drive… The art is knowing how to design and stretch a canvas and having a friend who can laser cut a bracket template along with a piece of 6mm mdf to attach to 2 sets of canvas stretcher bars (1 at 18mm and another at 36mm) - then being very very very patient with the orbital sander and wood filler to smooth out the whole thing before the canvas is stretched and glued to the frame!

Lots of clear varnish to finish… normally about 7 or 8 coats to stop the canvas from fading and stop it being marked by grubby hands…

admittedly it also takes a while in photoshop to make the background of volumio match up with the picture in front too… plenty of trial and error!