my introduction

well eh… who where and why. (why is volumio so this shouldn’t be even question)

who i’m an some what older student (medicine) that is also allready a goldsmith and a BsC (photonics) so i kinda have multiple planes of interest.
one was started by a truely audiophilic friend of mine who kind got me infected with the virus.

So when we found out about the RPI my interest was peaked, honostly it still took me a while as i just made a player with an old dedicated mainboard.
Which took me a while but also works really great… so really no need for something else… but than again i want to play around with stuff and what is more intended to play around with than a RPI. SO i bought one. And now both of us are very interested in the outcome.

so i already posted a new topic in the dac section. please give your personal idea’s and impressions but explain why. nothing is as difficult to explain as personal preferenes but please try. i think it could help us all.

well that’s me… Where… A dutchy in belgium

and oh ofcourse my name is Matthieu

I am Prem sai krishna. I am from Guntur, I did my schooling in Bhashyam Guntur and my 12th grade in NRI college and now I graduated my B.Tech CSE in KL University.

About my family, we are four members includes me, my father does textiles business, my mother also be a part in our business and my younger sister studying 12th.

My strengths are doing hard work, self motivating and sharing the news with others in both technical & non-technical and my weakness I use to play video games for long time.

About my work experience: I had never work under any company but I have done a major project in php as I have designed a website as one of the startup gave birth in my university by my friend Yogesh.

My hobbies are learning the new technologies form online sites like edx, team tree house etc and use to browse the new technologies in tech industry and seeing the new applied technologies on smartphones and I will also try those technologies by building sample applications related to those technologies.

Coming to my goals: Short term goal is to get a software designer/programmer job in reputed company and my long term goal is to be in respectable position in that organization and develop my organization to the peak level.

That’s all about me. , Thank you.

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