My homemade raspberry pi streamer

volumio Rocks :sunglasses: :loud_sound: :loud_sound:

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shazam en dan je muziek gevonden :+1:

Rest Full · Snowy White · The White Flames.

toch wel knap dat dit mogelijk is :sunglasses:

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ach, had het ook kunnen vragen, maar idd, bijzonder dat het werkt.

used said tool “shazam” and the results it gives.

Really good, ofc I could have asked @michel8166 directly…

Searching… Snow white with flames


Ach ja man snowy white :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Je kunt hier ook geen normaal gesprek meer volgen.

Doe dat dan ook.

I’ve seen such top plates passing by here before, and I thought I’d start scroll sawing myself.

Fortunately, I paid close attention to manual labor in primary school.
You just shouldn’t look at it for too long otherwise it will make you dizzy😵‍💫

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That looks fantastic. You obviously paid more attention in woodworking class than most.

Was thinking the same.
Me replacing a lightbulb:

side covers now ready.
Now finish everything nicely with an aluminum strip so that it fits with the rest.

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