My homemade raspberry pi streamer

Nice construction.
How do you dissipate heat from the chip, when you have the copper cover there? You have a small fan at least?


a small heatsink on both chips, doesn’t get higher than 70 degrees max on first startup…once running then average 63 degrees.
raspberry pi 4b.

Super nice setup!! I am looking to add the FifoPiQ7 to my DAC and am trying to decide between an ultra low noise PS and the PurePi. How are you liking the purePi? How long do the batteries and ultra cap run before needing recharging?


I have already had many power supplies, but I still think the purepi is a great power supply, especially if you add a UCCONDITIONER MKII Ultra Capacitor Conditioner Board 3.3V after the 3.3 volt output for the clocks.

batteries are in principle always charged, it usually takes 5 minutes after a first start-up before the 3.3 volts go to pure output, depends on the number of amps you put in front of it, little amp takes longer.
If I leave it on for a whole day, for example, I never notice that it is recharging.

the ultra caps are always full, here too I have never noticed that they are empty or recharged, when it happens it goes very quickly in my opinion … the same for the batteries.

Thanks for the swift reply and info! The Ian Canada stuff is really cool and once you get started adding parts/boards, it’s hard to stop :grinning:

yes i know…the ian upgrade virus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very cool setup, and great pet photo. Could you explain the use of the different transformers? Also, if you have looked at the noise levels at different points along the power circuit, could you post some photos of the lower noise levels?

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@michel8166 someone is asking you how you build your system :stuck_out_tongue:

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a bit late.
In most cases I make everything from electronics that I have lying around and in this case 2x a transformer input for the 5 volts and -12 /0 /+12 for the PCM DAC and 1x for the 5volt input raspberry pi (ian canada purePi)

I never measure noise in a system. I don’t have the right resources for that either. everything just by ear.

Another Woody :grin:

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aluminum grille replaced for a normal black one (unfortunately no more brutal music sound now :stuck_out_tongue:)
and I love the now playing plugin :sunglasses:

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transferred everything from a steel cabinet to an aluminum cabinet.
immediately reorganized everything a bit.

The front panel still needs to be given a clear coat.

and ready.

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great job …have some chips…

hoereeee doe ik :joy: :joy: :joy: