My DYI network player


My DYI network player powered by Volumio.

Dimensions (W × H × D): 435 × 92 × 220 mm.

Front panel

# Name Single press Long press Description
1 Power switch on/off - -
2 Shutdown button Shutdown Reboot Makes graceful system shutdown/reboot
3 USB - - Used for connecting a USB device
4 Remote control switch on/off - - Turns off/on IR receiver for remote control
5 Screen switch on/off - -
6 Action button Exit VU meter Toggle repeat/random
7 Back button Play previous track While playing: rewind 10 seconds

While pause: select previous playlist
8 Next button Play next track While playing: fast forward 10 seconds

While pause: select next playlist
9 Play/pause button Play/pause While playing: stop after current

While pause: play selected playlist

Back panel

# Name Description
1 AUDIO OUT (COAXIAL) connector
2 NETWORK connector Connect the unit to a network using a LAN cable
3 USB Used for connecting a USB device
4 Power AC IN 240 V / 50 Hz

Remote control

Currently supported only Yamaha amplifier remote control, because it is the only I have.

The buttons are mapped to:

# Button Action
1 Band Exit VU meter
2 Tuning -
3 Memory Play selected playlist
4 Preset Select previous/next playlist
5 Disk skip Toggle repeat/random
6 :rewind: / :fast_forward: Rewind/Fast forward 10 seconds
7 :arrow_forward: / :pause_button: Play/pause
8 :stop_button: Stop after current
9 :previous_track_button: / :next_track_button: Previous/next track

Installed plugins

  • GPIO Control
  • IR Remote Controller
  • Music Services Shield
  • Now Playing
  • PeppyMeter Screensaver
  • Spotify
  • Touch Display

Related repos and forks

Name Description
NP-01_buttons Handlers for all buttons on front panel
NP-01_IR-controller-configs Contains lirc configs for my remote controls (currently only Yamaha RAS13)
NP-01_now-playing-plugin NowPlaying plugin fork. Contains new UI
NP-01_volumio3-backend volumio3-backend fork. Contains a lot of fixes and improvements to backend
NP-01_Volumio2-UI Volumio2-UI fork. Contains translation fixes
NP-01_vu-meter PeppyMeter fork. Contains new meters (like on Radiotehnika HiFi components) as well as various fixes and improvements to original logic
NP-01_manifest-UI-mod Contains modification to Manifest theme. Since it is not public, so my fork is also hidden. Modifications made on bundled files.



Name Price
Raspberry Pi 4b 4GB RAM 450,00 zł
HiFiBerry Digi2 Pro 235,00 zł
Screen 160,00 zł
Front panel 123,00 zł
Switchers 95,97 zł
Cabinet 50,00 zł
Cable HDMI 33,17 zł
Buttons 16мм 22,50 zł
USB hub 18,00 zł
Cabel LAN 12,90 zł
Button Play 8,73 zł
HDMI corner adapter 7,90 zł
Button 12мм 7,50 zł
Button Shutdown 7,30 zł
USB plugs 2,30 zł

Total: 1234 zł

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Love that your design looks so at home in your hifi stack. Great project and thanks for sharing the process and planning.

Great job. I think it is necessary to use a stainless steel hexagon screw for the front panel.

nice build, love this :heart_eyes:

or countersink screw head in sheet steel.

That’s a great build! How’d you make your audio rack?

It is simple. Just made of wooden boards, threaded rods M16, nuts and washers.

Why not use magnets to keep the metal plate in place?

It is not metal :smile_cat:

A great job !!!