i’ve finally received the oscillator and then i was able to proceed in my project.
here the final setup of the volumio 1.1Beta installed on a raspy model B.
i’ve build a little breakout/interface board so i was able to connect very efficiently the small dac board on top of the raspberry (so the i2s lines are very short).
plus i’ve built a very little (and stupid) lm317 based linear power supply and injected the +5v directly on the 5v/GND rails on GPIO pins. (todo: add a little fuse for protection as in the original design of raspberry).

is confirmed that this board can work succesfull on volumio 1.1… the only thing i’ve done are :

-> solder the 7x5 smd osc on the board ("L" marking is pin 1) -> close solder jumper Fb1 that connects regulated 3.3v to the oscillator pin (TODO: use an smd ferrite-bead instead) -> enable i2s on the web-interface -> add "snd_soc_hifiberry_dac" and "snd_soc_rpi_dac" under /etc/modules
(fixed on the 1.2beta version)

the oscillator was a 7x5 SMD 3.3v 49.152 mhz but the frequency in async mode is not crucial, you need only to ensure that the freq selected is at least 128fs of the max sampling rate you wanna use on your music material.


Hi, where you bought the oscilator?

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search this item on ebay : 181208946320

I also got this DAC from DYIINHK but a separate board as master clock. Do you have a tip how to supply both boards with the same power supply?

I also ordered the same oscillator as yours. Could you show the picture on where the Fb1, and the oscillator pin are? I am totally new to DAC.


Hi gionag, thanks for posting this. I would like to have a go at this, but I’m a bit unsure of the connections between the pi and the DAC. It’d be great if you could post a more detailed description of how you rigged up the hardware.

HIFImeDIY seem to offer a similar board, but have an option for including a crystal (a 27Mhz one that will allow a max of 96kHz sample rate) pre-soldered for a very reasonable price. … uct_id=127

This appeals to me most, but I’m unsure of what connects to what. Plus I’d be happy to take power from the Pi itself rather than build another PSU to keep things small and simple. Either of these boards are small (5x5 or 6x4 cm) so I may be able to fit them into my existing Pi case.