My 2nd volumio project - kitchen radio

The intention of my new project was to remove the micro-hifi-tower into a small fancy box.
This one should have an amplifier too.

So I ordered the following things:

  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • MicroSD with volumio (!!)
  • YAMAHA YDA138-E Digital Amplifier board 2x20W
  • DAC Sabre ES9023 I2S
  • power supply 12V/2A 5V/2A (from an old ext. HDD)

Now I put all together and look if it works…

Thanks to “toni”; he told me how to connect the DAC.

Here is the wiring diagram:
J8-4 --> +5V to DAC
J8-6 --> GND to DAC
J8-12 --> BCK black
J8-35 --> LRCK red
J8-39 --> GND yellow
J8-40 --> DATA white

The DAC with volumio 1.55 works “out of the box”. Only select “hifiberry” in the DAC section and reboot. Nothing else is required.

Now I looked around in the kitchen for a suitable case. My eyes catched the vintage coffee grinder and I thought - this is it!
The knob of the coffee drawer should be the volume control.

Here is the additional part list:

  • 2x Terminal gold-plated, black
  • 2x Terminal gold-plated, red
  • 2x 2x10pol. Receptacle, straight, RM 2,54
  • Shaft coupling from 4mm to 6mm
  • Exterior chrome reflector, with 5mm LED, blue
  • XLR chassis plug, 3-pin
  • XLR connector, 3 pole
  • USB 2.0 A plug to Micro-USB B-plug

all together about EUR 12,- at




Haha !
I like it!
It’s original. Nice job!
Radio Café !

Some more photos from the “making of”:




regards Gerry

As we have the same DAC, I’ve got a question : have you noticed a hiss (low but audible) when playing some files, especially FLAC 16b/44 ?
With radio stream, it’s ok, with mp3 ok and with higher res file ok. And with Volumio 1.4 files flac are ok…

No, I hear an flac in Stereo - 16 bit - 44.1 kHz and cannot notice some hiss. With the “first” version of volumio 1.5 I had some probs, but I have updatetd volumio and raspbian. Now it is everything OK.

The strangest thing is that it not occurs for every file… When you say you have update Volumio and Raspbian, what have you done exactlly ? Just flash the new version 1.55 or apt-get upgrade your system ?

yes, both.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
but I’am not the linux-guru…

I did an update / upgrade just to see… But I still got the problem… :frowning:

Nice and original!! Which speakers do you use?

Hi fotoflipao

I use some vintage Victory 80 made by Cath.


nice :smiley: ! And what about sound?

What is that Victory 80 ?

I think the Victory Speakers comes from East-Germany and are made by VEB Funkwerk Kölleda for Cath Audio in Kahl.