Music Updates

Hi All

I really like Volumio however one thing that does need improvement is how it updates existing Music Databases. It really does seam a little hit and miss, i have tried just using the update button, I have tried doing a full rescan, I have tried remounting my NAS drives, I have tried updating individual folders, all of which sometimes works, often it doesn’t.

I have three players, Pi Zero, Pi3 & Tinkerboard all have the same problem, Has anyone else had the same issue?

Would it not be better to auto scan the mounted drives and do an auto update at intervals you can set, just a thought?

Has Anyone found a better way?


Auto-scanning would inevitably scan while somebody was trying to listen, wouldn’t turn out well.

It might be alright if it had to ask you to allow it to scan, but that partially defeats the purpose of auto-scanning.