Music Stats

First of all, thanks to all Volumio team. You’ve change the way many of us can listen to music. I love it. You get better everyday.

I’ve seen suggestions about scrobbing. I then used a plugin but then after an update it switched off.

Scrobbing can be nice but still I each day believe less in sharing my personal information to companies and then I thought why I use last fm. To basically collect data about what i listen to.
More interesting for me could be owning this data. After all later i can choose if I share it or not.

It could be super nice to be able to have kind of a log or even better a tab where I was able to explore which tracks, artist, generes, etc i’ve been playing and so. Just some stats about how i listen to music, artirts etc.

Even better could be to be able to know which are the lasted records i added to my music library, etc.

Thanks in advance

A music lover and a volumio lover!

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You know, that’s a great suggestion!
An initial approach to this matter was the last 100 item in library. But sure we can do better!