Music player on website frontpage?

Hi there,

what kind of music player/system is the „plexi case with handle“ in the photo on the Volumio website‘s frontpage?
I tried to find informationen here and on the web but I seem to use the wrong search terms…

Could someone please point me to where this player is described?


It’s a DIY project of a member of our community, I am trying to track down the exact post for you but didn’t find it… You can look in the DIY section

Thanks for pointing me in that direction. I wasn‘t able to find the posting either, though. But I saw lots of interesting hardware solutions, so it was time well spent :slight_smile:


It is based on a Nespresso cup container.
Try this link to the original post:

By the way I also build one back in 2014.



And it makes a very nice case… Thanks for pointing me to the right thread and the photo of your build. The volume knob on top is a nice touch.


That’s so cool, Harry. How long did it take to assemble all that?