Music performance problems according to wifi (Raspi)

Hello folks,

I’am new to this forum and my Volumio 1.4 system on Rasperry PI B Modell is running well so far. Because I was hearing the “sound” of Network communication from powerLAN Adpaters connected to The Raspi and my Headphone amp, I have installed a wifi dongle.
Now I need the help of someone who does know how to get this problem solved: everytime the wpa group key is refreshing, the music breaks up for a sec. This is really annoying. CPU governor is already set to performance, but it doesent help.

the output shows someting like “set group key to hw: alg:2 (wep40-1 …” It looks like a fix intervall, maybe according to the driver (reatltek 8188eu) and i can set up something in /etc/network/interfeces. Maybe this is helpful.

Thanks for your help in advance.

is your wifi dongle supported or did you install the driver?

I had to install the driver for the TP-Link TL-WN725N, because it is not working out of the box. The device is a Realtek RTL871X and ive used this Tut to install … 28&t=62371

At all I dont know, what this group key thing exactly does. Ive watched it a while and here is the full output:

[TKIP] GTK key_len=32 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ RTL871X: send eapol packet RTL871X: set group key to hw: alg:2(WEP40-1 WEP104-5 TKIP-2 AES-4) keyid:1

after 3 minutes it repeats and the “keyid:1” changes to “keyid:2” and then back to 1 and so on.