Music Library (missing music)

Hi to all. I have some issues with the music library, exactly she is missing some music (not at all), tags are filled seems correctly, but some albums are invisible anyway. Have you any suggestions what i should do ? :question:

My device is Rpi3, the last build of Volumio for this device. I am listening music from my NAS (ext4 HDD / DietPi Linux build). I will be very appreciated for your help ! :slight_smile:

Have you looked in Compilations?

Are you searching for this music, or just scrolling through the list?

I’ve sometimes found that the search is a bit suspect and doesn’t show certain albums, but they’re there if I scroll through the album or artist list.

Nope, i looked at simple album of single artist. Some of them i see, some not. I compared tags beetwen visible albums and invisible, seems they are correct both.

I’m just scrolling my muisc library.

In most case i used FLAC format (single file) with cue file.

PS. I’m tried Rune Audio and Moode, on both i have the same issues.

Hi, I presume you are using NFS shares? Some characters are not accepted; like for example the accent aigu. CIFS shares do not seem to have this problem. Does that solve your problem?

Yes, i’m using NFS, but SMB didn’t solve my problem. But i found what’s was wrong, it is problem with ID3 tag, i thinking that they are perfect (all players in windows showed me full tags info), but i’m was wrong (only with properties of windows file manager i’m understand this). Now i can see the all artists and albums in media library but if album consist of one flac file and one cuesheet file in library i can see only one track with whole album (seeing screenshot, it’s from MoOde image, but the same in the volumio).

I believe the cue sheet problem was also addressed in this post: album-art-and-cue-sheets-t5900.html?hilit=cue%20sheet

I don’t have any cue sheets in my collection, so I’m unable to assist you with this :wink: