Music is not synchronised between two different rooms

Hi all,
I am just new with Volumio.
I have a Premium Plan and I installed Volumio on two Raspberry.
1° RPi 4 with HiFiberry DAC2 Pro
1° RPi 3 without any DAC, connected directly to 3.5 Speakers.
I noticed a quite big gap (around 1/2 sec.) when I use the multiroom funtion, the music in RPi 4 is coming like 1/2 sec before the RPi 3.
The wired thing here is also that the RPi 4 is the closer one to the wifi source so I would have to be the firs in streaming the music and not the last.
Is there a way to fix this delay?
Is it just becouse the multiroom is through the internet connection (Wifi)?

Thank you!

Hi, I suspect that the DAC in the PI4 is doing some internal thing that causes this delay.

Solution is easy, just set the latency (from Multiroom options) in the PI4 to increase delay until you get a perfect sync

Hi, thank you for your help.
I am trying, but whatever value I enter does not seem to change.

It works! :slight_smile:
Thank you!