Music Fails to Play on Volumio

Hi Volumio Community.

I have noticed a, I want to call it a “Glitch” in the system, or maybe somebody could explain why this is happening to the music I am playing on my Raspberry Pi3B and Pi3B+ with an Allo.Com Piano 2.1 DAC and Kali Reclocker.

The music I have had on my PC forever, and even new music I have on my PC, will fail to play using Volumio. The song will start, and sometimes, instantaneously will stop playing never to be heard no matter how many times I play the song. This song will play on other music players, either downloaded from the net or built in players into OS’s like Win7 & Win10, and in my vehicle using factory, or aftermarket head unit.
These files are MP3’s for the most part.

I am curious, why some songs play, some songs play partially, and some songs don’t play at all using volumio, but work on everything else I use to play my music.

Anybody with any info on how the protocol works using volumio, and any issues with file types etc… would be most appreciated.

Thanks from Canada.