Music cover metadata option hidden

Hello there,

I came aboard the Volumio train today and I had a really hard time at the beginning due to one simple fact: Volumio didn’t want to pick up the embedded cover art of my FLAC files.
After lots of trial and error I stumbled across the fact that the option to enable this had been hidden back in July in this commit:

Is there any reason for this option to be hidden?
Deleting that additional line of code (the hidden: true) solved it for me. The option showed up again, I could enable it and I was good to go. I definitely don’t want to put cover images in every folder which is the suggested way on the forum very often - especially as the pickup of embedded cover art is working just fine here now.

So, what’s going on here? :wink:

Does anyone like @michelangelo have any insight here?
Or do I have to revert this now after every update? :cry:

Hi, we disabled it because it caused more than an headache on some systemd. Particularly when files were not properly tagged this often resulted in a not working system.
Since stability in our vision comes before features, we disabled it until we found a better implementation

I understand.

Please leave the functionality untouched like it is now for the time being… As long as I can enable it the way I did, everything’s fine for me. It’s stable and working as expected: The tags are all properly done here.

Hello, I am new and have been trying for hours to get the embedded cover art to be shown.
How does one change the configuration so that the option for embedded cover art is shown?

I cannot find and change uiconfig.json. Pleas give me a foolproof instruction how I can access and edit that file.

Thanks so much

Here’s my vote also to keep this option; I too lost an awful lot of time researching why the embedded cover art is not being picked up. All smartphone apps I know for playing music use this without a hitch. As such it makes Volumio a disappointing contender (although not a direct competitor, of course; but Roon probably doesn’t suffer from this).

A compromise could be to set the default to off (and issue a warning when turned on?).

BTW, on a Rivo I don’t even have the option to use a patched version :frowning: