dear volumio community

Since I like the volumio approach so much, I like to install several raspi’s equipped with volumio as a multiroom audiosystem.
If I change the devicename from Volumio to lets say Room1, Room2 etc. so I can independently control them.

Is it possible to setup a Audiostream (much like a Webradio ) in the LAN (maybe from another device) and have a more or less synced Audio playing simultaneley on lets say 3 Volumio Devices pointing to this stream.

Anyone with experience on the field, or is there another Possibility to link several Volumio systems?




There are multiple threads about multiroom audio and syncing for instance this one:

thanks for the hint,

I see that the status is RESOLVED but there is no working solution pointed out for:

synchronised playback on several Volumios RPIes , over multi UPNP streaming or Airplay (altough Airplay is possible via Airfoil)
I like the Idea that the streaming server could be another RPI also with volumio in some kind of “Master Mode”

… any suggestions?


My experience tells me that avclose to synchronised option can be achieved in DLNAland with very similar hardware.

Jriver media player will link multiple renderers in a zonal way and has the possibility to manually adjust lags. It didn’t really work for me reliably. Jriver is a bit of a cumbersome beast and is paid software. If you are happy with sound quality i would stick to airplay/airfoil for now. Sure something will come along soon.


Thanks for the suggestion,

another question: does anyone know if there is “tablet solution” for the multiroom problem.
That would be an android tablet with apps like spotify, soundcloud etc… and the possibility to select multiple remote play clients, much like airfoil or the desktop version of itunes does with airplay?

I see the volumio device as upnp renderer sometimes from my win8 system… maybe this standard could be used…