Multiroom - Volumio 2

Hi everyone,

Did anyone manage to setup multiroom with volumio 2?

I have it installed on two raspberry pi, my remote can only find one “Main room” renderer.

Volume web UI see them both though.

Any idea?

Have you changed the hostname on one of the Pi’s? It’s ill advised to use the same hostname more than once in a network. If your remote uses hostnames this could fix it.

Thanks MobeyDuck for sharing some time to help me.

Hostnames are already different, no problem with that.

I should have mentioned that i’m using openhome compatible remote on iOS and OSX, Linn Kazoo (which I strongly recommend. The best remote app I tried so far to go through my minim server flac library).

I’ve been looking around in the - /etc/upmpdcli.conf - and “Main room” is the default name for the openhome renderer. So far makes sense as it’s the renderer name in my remote app. Then I tried to modify it by uncommenting the following line: ohproductroom = Main Room
and changing Main Room into Living room

Still nothing happened on the remote side :frowning:

I have never before heard of Linn Kazoo… Searching it and openhome makes me feel like I’m living under a rock :slight_smile:

But as far as I can find, I’m not sure if Volumio properly supports openhome…

Openhome is already integrated in Volumio2. Have look here : search for openhome

Kazoo really is a great remote app, hope you like it Mobeyduck.

@balbuze: i’m not sure the thread you refer to solve my problem. I do know openhome is integrated in volumio 2 but I can’t manage to change successfully the room name for openhome using ssh to see both Rpis running volumio 2 in my remote app…

I’ve read much about volumio 2 and multiroom playback.
I habe 3 Pi’s with volumio2, i would like to connect them.
Snapcast is a good addon i think.

What are the current development.
Is it planned to do a integration of snapcast or any alternative into volumio 2?

And when is it planned?
Does it make sense for me to do the snapcast alternative on my own on my 3 Pi’s?

Best Regards,