Multiroom usage

Hi guys, pretty new to the whole volumio so still getting my head around the finer points.

Can volumio be used for multiroom systems? If so, how?


If you mean synced multiroom playback, then there is a beta plugin for Volumio, which utilises ‘snapcast’ to synchronise devices.

That’s exactly what I was looking for.
Can’t wait to try it

Just wait a liiiiiiiiitle bit longer, discovered a major bug in the latest upload.

Updated the repo, you can download it now :wink:

So I see- like half an hour ago only!

Already found it and installed.

I’m not getting any settings though. Uploaded and installed fine and then activated fine, but when I hit the settings button nothing happens


What platform are you running on? You might need to restart volumio, this happens sometimes. It can be caused by some system-calls I do to fill the form, it takes time.

Still no good after restart sorry.

Raspberry pi 3 with hifiberry DAC

When did you download the zip-file? I just uploaded a new one, can you try it with that one?
Also, which version of the image are you using?

Just did a test on my PiB+ (Pi1) and the github download was failing with an older image. But the settings page did show quite quickly, you might have downloaded an older package which had a typo in the code.

Ok I’ll give it a go and get back to you.

I actually just decided to do a fresh install altogether. I stopped having any audio whatsoever, perhaps from me mucking around with the DAC

Got it!

Now i just need to get my other pi up and running and test it

Hey mate.
Snapcast fully operational and issue free on my raspberry pi 3 but I’m having a bit of trouble getting it on my b+.
Have you had it running on a b+ yet?
When I try to install it, it says it has an error, that it already exists. But then when I check snapcast is in the list of my installed plugins, but I have the same problem of nothing on the settings panel.
Also, both installs seemed to confused snapcast and Spotify at the installation stage. Didn’t seem to matter on the 3, it installed as it should have

This is a bug in Volumio plugins … refreshing sorts it out.

No ideas with the RPi B+ sorry.

Hey mate, the B+ installation is problematic as of image 2.201. Something is wrong when downloading the snapcast packages from GitHub, if you log it you will see a URL error. Workaround is placing both armhf packages (server and client) in /home/VolumioTest/snapcast and reinstall the plug-in. Still sorting it out, but I have no clue why it fails to install all of a sudden.

Are those the packages from the original snapcast plugin or from your one?

The packages are from the snapcast repo, I don’t host them separately.

Not sure why, but installation seems to work again. I think github was experiencing problems…

I’m still having trouble installing it on the b+, but I think it’s because its not uninstalling properly.
Is there anything else I need to do other than just hit uninstall?

You can try resetting it to defaults, go to menu > system > factory settings (this takes a while!).
Resetting it like this restores everything to default. Same as a fresh install.

Or you could delete all plugin data:

  • delete /data/configuration/miscellanea/SnapCast
  • delete /data/plugins/miscellanea/SnapCast
  • restart volumio
  • reinstall plugin

Still stalling at the settings page on my b+. Don’t think it likes this pi very much

So a factory reset seemed to help.

I was able to fully install and enter the settings. I configured it the way I wanted, including recognising the other pi in the house which is running the snapcast server, but once I exited the settings I was never able to get back into it.
Do you think that means it is running? If so, how do you get the client to play the stream?