Multiroom UI and radio questions

My main use of Volumio is listening to my audio and web radio in a Raspi4/DAC multiroom setup using the Android app. Works great! But I do have a few problems maybe someone can help me solve.

I have three playback devices/rooms, and I want to

A) see which device I’m currently controlling and being able to switch, and

B) Group/ungroup devices for multiroom

Question 1: Can I do that?
I find that if I use the Contemporary UI with a different background colour for each room, I can remember colour=room (but my wife can’t), but I cannot change to control a different device.
If I use the Manifest UI, I cannot distinguish between devices.
If I use Classic, I can colour-code and easily switch devices, but cannot group them.

Question 2: Most mornings, I just want to select a radio station. Is there an easy way to put a shortcut to a few favourites within easy reach (rather than having to navigate through Sources/Web radio/Favourite

Question 3: How can I make sure that all my devices are Multiroom-grouped by default, with the option to ungroup as desired?

Any ideas highly appreciated.

After about two months of Volumio Premium and a few updates later, I like it a lot - but my questions above still remain…
Any ideas anyone?