Multiroom - Questions

I’ve looked in the docs and searched via Google, but I am missing an understanding of multiroom.

I’m only setup with two RPIs, both running volumio, and both play music through the web browser at port 8000.

I was expecting, if I was in the office, and I wanted to hear what was being played in the Living Room, that I would select the Living Room node ini ‘Playback’, and then the office would play the same music that was playing in living room; not necessarily in sych, but still the same music.

But when I’m in the office, and I select the Living room player, then the playback shows the music art that is playing in the Living Room, but the sound on port 8000 is still the sound from the Office music being played! Not what I was expecting!

So do I have a misunderstanding about how it works? Why can I see, on the office browser where I selected the living room, see that music in ‘Playback’, but not hear that music on port 8000 in the office? Does the browser not play what’s selected in ‘Playback’ source?


Currently, “multiroom” refers to being able to control all of your Volumio devices from a single interface/device (as you have observed). ‘Multiroom synchronisation’ is in the pipeline (with no time scale), or you can try the Snapcast plugin volumio-plugins-collection-t6251.html.