Multiroom max number devices

Hi there
i’m thinking about a soundcheck setup with
12 devices in a multiroom connection.
theoretically it should work with my two premium accounts, but how does it look in practice?
does anyone have any experience here or are there limits from volumio os?
Thank you.

hello folks
10 devices I just tried and it works fine. :grinning:
Does anyone know if there are any sound quality limitations to expect?

ok, apparently I have to forget this idea for a soundcheck, because the original file format is not passed on to the zone devices. It was always 48K displayed although I played different sound formats.

but it would be nice for one with a large house and different locations like home, home at working time, office, and and…

6 devices is too less in some situations

living rooms, audio room, kitchen, bathrooms, spa, study room, workshop, terace, garden house, car, camper - i‘ve got sound systems everywhere